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For people with leadership responsibility.

You are grappling with the transformations of the performance society. And you intend to grow with these changes. The Lassalle-Institute community encourages you to do so. Among its members are successful and well-connected leaders from business, politics, and society. Leaders that are active in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

The common goal is to act as an inspired and inspirational agent, to make sound decisions, and to bring about meaningful change.

Sound judgment and decision-making begins with the exchange of ideas. In the Lassalle Circle, people with leadership responsibilities come together for confidential, collegial discussions to address and explore a range of relevant issues.
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Meet, share, and discuss ideas with people in leadership positions who are committed to working in partnership with others to be of service. Symposia are held once a year to discuss current issues in personal development and corporate leadership.
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Eco Summer Camp
From wild consumption to responsible engagement.

During the annual Eco Summer Camp, different generations come together and embark on a transformational journey that takes them from a frenzied consumer culture to responsible engagement.

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International Transdisciplinary Biennial on «Environmental Justice»

The Biennial provides an inter- and transdisciplinary platform for collaborative activities between engaged scholars and thoughtful professionals concerned with social-ecological change.

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Gebi Küng, Küng Strategy Consulting and President of the Lassalle-Institut Board

«As a private advisor and strategy expert, I support ambitious entrepreneurs and their companies in key phases through strategic clarity, fresh perspectives and drive.»