Meeting diversely networked people


The community at the Lassalle-Institut is a community of people with leadership responsibility from business, politics and society.

It is supported and promoted by a worldwide network of educational and research institutions of the Jesuit Order and other partner institutions.

Growing in response to challenges and limitations

Growing in response to challenges and limitations is necessary and always possible, as generations of people before us have proven. In the Jesuit tradition, the vision is to be persons "for and with others". Formation takes time, it does not happen overnight. It requires contemplation, dialogue and engagement.

Inspired action and meaningful accompaniment

Inspired action results from creative practices with spiritual roots; they can be described transparently, practiced regularly and communicated convincingly. Good decisions are the prerequisites for sustainable change through personal development and entrepreneurial value creation. They are enabled and strengthened in exchanges among people. It allows the experience that people in leadership responsibilities are "people with others".

Invitations to leaders

The community invitations address personalities in a concrete and individual, trusting and discreet way; they encourage them to grow through challenges.
The community encounters include attractive expert inputs as well as structured conversation opportunities.
Results of interdisciplinary research, as well as useful documentation, focusing on personality development and organisational leadership are made available.

You are interested in the invitations of the community?
We would be very pleased to meet you in person. What moves you in your task? Which topics are you interested in and would like to share with other leaders?
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Community at Lassalle-Institut

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