Environmental justice

International Transdisciplinary Conference



Making hope possible

On scaling up engaged scholarship for socio-ecological transformation

3rd International Transdisciplinary Biennial on Environmental Justice

August, 25-29, 2024


The International Transdisciplinary Biennial on Environmental Justice at Lassalle-Institute (Switzerland) offers an inter- and transdisciplinary platform for common activities (such as research exchange, communicative validation of results, networking, methodological innovations) between engaged scientists and reflective practitioners concerned by socio-ecological transformation.


The Biennial is aimed at scientific team leaders, senior and junior researchers, students, activists and decision-makers in industry, public administration and politics engaged in the topic and in transformation projects. As hosting organization operated by the worldwide Society of Jesus (religious order of the catholic church), Lassalle-Institute (Zug/Zürich) builds bridges between different spiritual traditions as well as between sciences, diverse fields of professional practice, industry and civil society since many years.

Biennial 2024

At the Biennial in 2024,  the common work on environmental justice will focus in particular on the question of how hope can be made possible by action oriented transdisciplinary collaboration in view of aggravating crisis of climate change and biodiversity and of the need for decrease of global injustice.


Please find the The Call for Papers below.

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Academic Committee (continually updated)

Sabine Bieri, Stefan Einsiedel, Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Alberto Irezabal, Martin Kolmar, Daniel Lang, Jaqueline Loos, Amar Nayak, Vanja Romlin, Peter Rožič, Maria Dolores Sanchez Galera, Barbara Schellhammer, Ivo Wallimann, Sascha Spoun, Peter Stücheli-Herlach, Pedro Walpole

Organizational Committee (continually updated)

Valerio Ciriello, Diana Giraldo, Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Tobias Karcher, Alberto Irezabal, Jacqueline Loos, Fabian Moos, Vanja Romlin, Peter Rožič, Maria Dolores Sanchez Galera, Peter Stücheli-Herlach, Robert Unteregger, Pedro Walpole


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