to grow from the upheavals.

Invitation to encounters in different formats



Current challenges in corporate governance are addressed at our symposia. The events allow renowned national and international leaders to speak and offer space for reflection, exchange and networking.               Learn more


There are many issues. Leaders and teams meet in a trusting atmosphere in Lassalle circles to work on specific topics, for collegial advice or to be inspired on the road.   Learn more

Fireside Chats

Challenges of doing business are discussed in a confidential circle of people with demanding leadership responsibilities. The groups of fireside chats meet according to personal invitation. Learn more


Leadership dialogues

Individual conversations in a personal setting. Inspired action and meaningful accompaniment are professional and creative practices with spiritual roots. They need to be practised and nurtured. The leadership dialogue offers the personal space to deepen individual questions in your leadership responsibility. Learn more

Corporate seminars

To maintain their own sovereignty, leaders appreciate places of retreat and reflection. If you would like to treat yourself to this space together with your colleagues, we look forward to working with you and creating a fruitful seminar together.    Learn more
The Institute

The Lassalle-Institut is a unique educational institution in Switzerland that combines issues of leadership, ethics, spirituality and personal development.


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