to grow from the upheavals.

Invitation to encounters in different formats



Meet, share, and discuss ideas with people in leadership positions who are committed to working in partnership with others to be of service. Symposia are held once a year to discuss current issues in personal development and corporate leadership.               Learn more


Sound judgment and decision-making begins with the exchange of ideas. In the Lassalle Circle, people with leadership responsibilities come together for confidential, collegial discussions to address and explore a range of relevant issues.   Learn more


Fireside Chats

A confidential setting for exchanging ideas with people in particularly challenging leadership positions. Good decision-making, inspiring action, meaningful support for change - that is the common focus. The participation of members of the Lassalle Community is by personal invitation from the institute's management. Learn more


Leadership dialogues

One-on-one conversations in a confidential setting for members of the Lassalle Community. Institute members support people with leadership responsibilities on their individual path - whether for short-term or longer periods of time. Personalized locations and time flexibility. 

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Corporate seminars


An opportunity to step back, reflect and exchange ideas with people who are passionate about engaging and serving others. Lassalle seminars are designed and conducted individually for companies, departments, and/or management teams.    Learn more

The Institute

The Lassalle-Institut is a unique educational institution in Switzerland that combines issues of leadership, ethics, spirituality and personal development.


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