Leadership Dialogues

Growing with the leadership task

Leadership Dialogues: Individual conversations in a personal setting

Would you like to discuss the issues of everyday leadership in an individual setting?

Personality development, starting from existential questions

It is necessary and always possible for leaders to grow in response to challenges and limitations in everyday leadership in order to bear responsibility in the company and society.

How can I grow and mature in my tasks as a leader?  What significance does my leadership task have in my biography, which sense do I see in my actions? Which importance does spirituality have in the perception of my responsibility?  Am I prepared to work for things that go beyond my own interests? How do I deal with success or failure? By whom or by what do I let myself be guided?How can regular times of silence support me in making good decisions? In the leadership dialogue at the Lassalle-Institut, such questions are integrated just as much as solid leadership craft.

Solid leadership principles and practices

The reference points of the leadership dialogue are leadership principles and practices that correspond to today's standards of management and leadership.

Successful leadership requires a basic understanding of leadership, self-reflection, the ability to maintain good relationships with people, effective teams, transparent processes and strategic tools. In this way, good performance is promoted and goals are achieved together.


Inspired action and meaningful accompaniment are professional and creative practices with spiritual roots. They need to be practised and nurtured. This is the prerequisite for entrepreneurial value creation and personal development to go hand in hand and for good decisions to be made.

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