Get to know the Institute

The Lassalle-Institut is part of a global community which is supported and promoted by the Jesuits of the the Central European Province and networked with various international Jesuit universities. The community invites people in leadership responsibility to grow in response to challenges and limitations of a performance-based society.
In this way, they can act with inspiration, decide well and accompany changes in a meaningful way.


History of the Lassalle-Institut

The Institut was founded in 1995 by Niklaus Brantschen and Pia Gyger. It has its headquarters in Lassalle-Haus in Edlibach in the canton of Zug.
Both institutions - the Lassalle-Haus and the Lassalle-Institut - refer by their names to the Jesuit priest and Zen teacher Hugo Enomiya Lassalle (1898-1990).
He is considered a bridge builder between Eastern and Western thinking. His name also stands for the connection between spirituality and professional commitment - the way inwards and the way outwards. Today, the Lassalle-Institut is headed by Fr. Tobias Karcher, Director of Lassalle-Haus.


Virtual tour of the Lassalle-Haus