Advisory Board


Personalities who support the tasks of the Lassalle-Institut within the framework of the Advisory Board

The members of the advisory board are important contacts for those responsible at the Lassalle-Institut on strategic issues and the further development of the Institute.

Pius Baschera

former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hilti, Speaker of the Martin Hilti Family Trust

«The Lasalle Institute is an interesting institution that deals with important questions of our society and environment and provides concrete contributions for leaders and companies.»

Roger de Weck

Journalist and visiting professor at the College of Europe

«An economy that creates material values by overexploiting intangible values and the foundations of life? The merit of the Lassalle-Institut lies in respecting all values.»

Susanne Giger

Member of the Board of Directors of the Coop Group. Former business editor at Swiss Radio SRF.

«Leading with trust and responsibility means: trust in the big picture, in others, in oneself. Therefore, it is important to open up the space of becoming aware and to constantly expand it.This may and should be learned and practised. At the Lassalle-Institut.»

Thomas Gutzwiller

Academic Director of the HBM Entrepreneurship School at HSG St.Gallen

«The economy needs leaders who have skills beyond technical and managerial competences. In a networked and dynamic world, personality and social skills are important development dimensions and bridge builders. The Lassalle-Institut has always done pioneering work in this area.»

Matthias Michel

Member of the Council of States, former cantonal councillor of Zug

«The Lassalle-Institut invites me to discover my values in myself and in exchange with others and to have the courage to live them in everyday leadership.»

Thomas Schmuckli

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bossard Group

«The Lassalle-Institut always offers opportunities to question one's own leadership work and to develop it further in a value-oriented way.»

Rolf Soiron

former Chairman of Lonza, Holcim, the University of Basel
«Does economic activity have a meaning that goes beyond producing and earning?  It is up to the Lassalle-Institut to contribute answers to this.»